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Software Engineer. A computer science undergrad with three summers of practical software engineering internship experience.


Cary, NC


B.Sc. Computer Science

University of North Carolina at Charlotte



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Remote · Oct 2021 - Present

Software Engineer I

Remote · May 2021 - Aug 2021

Software Engineer Intern


  • Created a proof-of-concept web app to showcase the potential business impact of modernizing the tech stack of Microsoft’s marketing sites.

  • Demoed and advocated for the modernized tech stack to multiple audiences (leadership, design, dev). Resulted in the efforts getting greenlit for production.

Remote · May 2020 - Aug 2020

Explore Intern

  • Designed and developed a global theming system for the entire Power Apps mobile app, enabling dynamic light/dark mode switching with minimal refactoring.

  • Worked closely with UI designer to implement themes in accordance with design and accessibility specifications.

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Sunnyvale, CA · May 2019 - Aug 2019

Engineering Practicum Intern


  • Built a consumer-facing feature enabling users to receive, edit, and save phone contacts sent over MMS in the Google Voice Android app.

  • Utilized Google's internal Android concurrency framework to free up the main UI thread while parsing contact information payload.

About Me

I'm originally from Sweden Flag of Sweden. born from parents of Eritrean Flag of Eritrea. descent. My path into Computer Science began in high school when an unsuspecting 14-year-old Yoel walked into his first programming class (Thank you, Mr. Letts!).

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